Our story: The New Van

Our new van

In 2014, HITS managed to purchase a second-hand van through some very generously large donations: Santander Bank donated £5,000; Devon County Council Councillor Eve Barisic donated £2,000; our landlords gave us a personal donation of £1,000 to enable us to purchase the van, and to be able to get it out on the road, (tax, insurance, etc); and A-Signs donated the livery free of charge.

The van is a real asset for us and is worth its weight in gold. It is quite a large vehicle which is very good for collecting and delivering “bulk” donations.

It is less good for everyday driving around and collecting and delivering smaller donations. Therefore, we are looking into perhaps acquiring a second smaller vehicle for that part of the operation.

We are always happy to hear from individuals or organisations who think they can help us in any way. Please take a look at our suggestions, then do get in touch.

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