Client’s Story: ‘W’

Stock photo. Posed by model.

Stock photo. Posed by model.

W was a child victim of male rape by a teacher when he was in care. He moved to settle in Teignmouth, but Teignbridge District Council could not provide accommodation as he had little association with the area. So he was homeless in Teignmouth with his partner K, who is learning disabled. W and K slept on the beach, the benches in the train station, and anywhere else they could find.

HITS looked after W and K, and gave them clothing and non-cook food packs over a period of time. We intervened and worked with the churches, and arranged all day cooked breakfasts for them at a local café in Teignmouth. We worked with Teignbridge District Council Housing and the Citizens Advice Bureau to find this couple somewhere to live, and also to ensure they retain their benefits.

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After a while W found a private flat to rent. A former teacher, who had no association with the rape claims and was his only association in the area, was willing to stand as guarantor for the rent deposit. They were able to move into a home of their own for the very first time. We supplied them with a moving-in pack and also furniture, food and toiletry packs.

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K found voluntary work in a charity shop which she thoroughly enjoyed. HITS worked with the couple to help them live in the local community and assisted W with the police regarding his rape claims. Unfortunately, their neighbours found out about their past history, and they had to move when it became unbearable. They have now been living in the Torquay area for nearly two years.

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HITS worked with the police and the legal system to help W gain some compensation for the rape injuries that he suffered and is still suffering now. He finds it hard to sleep and is constantly reminded about the past. The teacher involved is again in the courts for more rape allegations, and W is having to help the police involved in the case which brings back upsetting memories. Again, HITS is there for both W and K to help them through their ordeal.

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