Client’s Story: Sarah

Stock photo. Posed by model.

Stock photo. Posed by model.

Sarah was a domestic violence victim with three little girls. She and her girls were taken into bed and breakfast accommodation.  From this point HITS started to help all four of them.

Initially, we gave them food and essential baby items for the youngest. After a while a house was found for Sarah not very far away from Newton Abbot. We then provided Sarah with a “moving-in pack” and some furniture, and also food and toiletry crisis packs. At Christmas the family had a couple of hampers, with goodies that at that time Sarah could not afford.

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The girls have now settled into their nearest school and Sarah is now beginning to start a new life for herself and her three children. She is no longer relying on foodbank services.

A short while later, we had another client living in the same road as Sarah.  Her girls were just coming out of school and the two eldest children remembered HITS when they saw the van, and remembered how the charity had helped them.  They asked their mother how they could help us in some way, and a cake sale was arranged at the school.  Mums and also some children baked cakes and sold them and all the money was given to HITS.

Then the girls went a step further and started collecting new and nearly new toys that could be stocking fillers for the next Christmas. Some of the HITS volunteers collected all the goodies that the girls had collected and they were distributed to children who otherwise would have had little or nothing on Christmas Day.

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