Our stories make HITS who we are. From the people we have helped, to our dedicated and professional volunteers, to our many supporters who have given us so much.

Client's story: SarahSarah’s story: Sarah was a domestic violence victim with three little girls. HITS helped them from B&B accommodation into their own home, and now they are helping others. [Stock photo. Posed by a model.]

Client's story: WW’s story: W was a child victim of male rape, and he and his partner were homeless and sleeping on the beach. HITS helped them with food and other packs, advocacy and mentoring, and resettlement services. [Stock photo. Posed by a model.]

2cupsoftea-notextVolunteer’s story: Julie Bakewell’s typical volunteer shift is very varied, and she derives enormous gratification from being part of an immediate response team. She previously worked in London in related fields, and is very impressed with HITS’ services.

The new building The new building: Many many generous individuals and organisations helped us fund, fit out, and move into our new building in 2015.

Our new van The new van: In 2014, HITS managed to purchase a second-hand van through donations. The van is a real asset, and very good for collecting and delivering “bulk” donations.

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