Our services are by referral only and each case is treated on its own merits.

We work with local suppliers to provide good clean secondhand furniture free of charge.

We also supply white goods in some cases, and in certain situations put a small amount of credit on a key meter where possible to ensure cooking and heating facilities.

There are three main types of packs we distribute: Food pack, Household crisis pack, Toiletry pack. More information about the contents of the packs

People we have helped with resettlement

Client's story: SarahSarah’s story: Sarah was a domestic violence victim with three little girls. HITS helped them from B&B accommodation into their own home, and now they are helping others. [Stock photo. Posed by a model.]

Client's story: WW’s story: W was a child victim of male rape, and he and his partner were homeless and sleeping on the beach. HITS helped them with food and other packs, advocacy and mentoring, and resettlement services. [Stock photo. Posed by a model.]

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