Mentoring and Advocacy


Our support for homeless people and those in crisis and need is on a case-by-case basis. Our services are by referral only and each case is treated on its own merits. 

HITS Advocacy and Mentoring (HAM) project

From September 2016, we have two qualified consultants working as Support Workers for our HAM project. 

The HAM project enables us to provide more intensive and bespoke support to many of our clients. The service includes helping people move away from rough sleeping and helping them get the professional support and assistance they need.

The HAM project is completely free to our clients, and is funded by Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund charitable initiatives.


We support people and enable them to cope in a variety of lifestyle and life skills needs. Our approach includes:

  • Exploring the needs, motivations, skills, and thought processes to assist our clients in making real and lasting change
  • Observing, listening, and asking questions to understand our clients’ situations
  • Working with our clients to identify solutions and actions for them to work on
  • Supporting our clients in setting appropriate objectives and methods to achieve their goals
  • Encouraging our clients to realise their potential of lasting personal growth and change

Examples of our work include coaching and advising our clients to seek and gain additional services available to them. This includes advice on access to:

  • Housing and tenancies
  • Medical services
  • Social welfare
  • Benefits advice

We also provide help and support on:

  • Life skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Food and nutrition
  • Self-supported living

We will support people and enable them to cope in their current housing, or to resettle in new housing.


We will refer with permission to housing authorities, MPs’ case workers, alcohol and addiction agencies, health agencies and medical care or other agencies that may be able to help alleviate the situation.

We work with a variety of partners from local authorities, agencies, charities and voluntary organisations. Please see our Partnership working page for more info.

One client’s story

Client's story: WW’s story: W was a child victim of male rape, and he and his partner were homeless and sleeping on the beach. HITS helped them with food and other packs, advocacy and mentoring, and resettlement services. [Stock photo. Posed by a model.]

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